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The Patchbay is your one-stop shop as a content creator. A suite of automated tools to publish your content & start earning money. We are an open, honest & transparent platform, with fair prices & fair payouts for creators, paid weekly.

When you purchase a pack, you are granted a license. This means you can use this pack on your own productions on a royalty-free basis. You cant repackage or resell the content as is or in part to make money from. The creator retains all rights.

Non-exclusives are 3rd party content, creators whose content fits our platform, but is also sold elsewhere. Exclusives are content that was made in close collaboration with The Patchbay, and is released only through The Patchbay.

Downloads are delivered instantly, you can find them by going to your account, or, the page which you purchased from in the download tab. The download page has been reworked with a search bar & tag selection.

You can use them in your projects subject to any additional terms by creators, but usually asset packs are royalty free. Please ensure you know what you are buying before you confirm your order.

The system is automated, so if you dont receive a download its usually 2 reasons: 1.The payment could not be verified, you were not charged, so no token created. 2.The creator did not upload a file. If, former, wait 10 mins & try again.

If you want to be notified about new content by your favourite creator, you can follow them on their product page or on their profile/store page. An email is auto-generated every week. If a creator releases something new, you will be 1st to know.

Fill out the forms & add to cart like usual. Take special care to upload your files & add as much information as the creator requires. Once your service has been ordered, you can chat with the freelancer over the messaging system.

You can do it by visiting their product page (you must be logged in) or visiting your order page. If you cannot get in touch with the creator, you can raise a ticket with us.

We process payments through PayPal as this is then automatically redistributed back through PayPal to sellers who have earned on the platform. We accept normal PayPal & cards (without a PayPal account).

Due to the digital nature, its hard once a download token is created to justify it, made even harder with creators involved. Were a friendly bunch so open a ticket and lets chat about it on a case by case basis.

Honestly? As little as humanly possible. We collect virtually nothing except basic info to place an order. We also offer the ability to see what info we hold on you in your account & to delete it. This is irreversible so be careful. (deletion)

You can find out more information here:

We are looking for those who push boundaries and lead by example. We dont care about your social numbers, we only care about quality content. Big & small creators are all treated the same.

For transparency, we receive around 25% NET from exclusive sales & around 30% NET from non-exclusive sales. The seller receives a guaranteed 65% NET from exclusive sales & a guaranteed 60% NET from non-exclusive sales.

Creators have access to an advanced dashboard. Creators can access their orders, message customers & clients, amend order statuses, view analytics, build assets & services with precision, reporting, promotional tools & advanced shipping rules.

We understand sometimes you may need a break, so we built it into our system. If at any time you need to walk away you can enable holiday mode, this will disable orders to your account and render a message of your choosing on your profile and pages.

If you want to create your dream website then finding a good stable host is important. We offer a range of packages which include 99.99% up-time & backups for piece of mind.

We offer a range of shared hosting packages depending on your needs. We also provision Linux, WordPress & Windows packages. For those who need beefier requirements, we offer managed & unmanaged VPS.

Yes, we can. On some packages we offer an in-house drag & drop web-builder. If you wish, we can build your site for you, based on your requirements. We offer very fair prices on such services.

We offer a range of payment options, even more than our webstore. This is because we are not restricted to PayPal as we provision packages ourselves and do not need to pay this back to creators. Payments such as PayPal, Stripe, Square & Bank Transfer.

We offer a 7 day test period, if its not for you we will reverse the process and refund you. Refunds will be processed and sent to you within 14 days. This gives us chance to provision the hardware, receive the balance and give that back to you.

We will be offering periodic discounts on our hosting packages. We will also be hosting small discounts on VPS provisioning. All creators on our webstore platform will receive a free complementary hosting package and free access to our builder.