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Last updated on 29-02-2024 07:11 in Creator Portal
Posted By Gary Falcon Lang



Becoming a creator on The Patchbay is straight forward. 

You can go here to see the benefits & our mission:


How do I become a creator?

1. Contact from your OFFICIAL artist/creator email, please include an intro, examples of your work. Songs are cool but you're applying to sell sounds, so we need to know you can demonstrate this. Please link us to any places that help your application. Social numbers, followers etc will have absolutely zero influence. Please allow upto 2 months for a response, if you do not hear back, feel free to send a follow up.

Once done, proceed to step 2.


Registering my creator account with The Patchbay®

2. You can register a creator account here.


What happens next?

If your creator application is accepted you will gain full posting rights and will be able to post pages on the platform.

If your application is denied, we will try to give feedback and you are free to try again after 6 months. Your account will remain Inactive.

Note: You will need to to both 1 & 2 detailed here in this article. We can only progress to the next stage when both 1 & 2 are complete.

Note: We are looking for very specific things, not everyone is going to be able to join, please be prepared for that. If you are not able to join, please feel free to try again in 6 months time.





** The time is base on America/New_York timezone