Why am I being blocked by the firewall? 1 0

Last updated on 16-10-2022 09:56
Posted By Gary Falcon Lang

We deploy a pretty brutal but absolutely necessary firewall. While it does a great job at identifying zero day exploits in a heuristic manner, sometimes innocent behaviour can still get flagged.

Here are some of the reasons you may get a firewall blocked screen:

  • Maliciously injecting data into URL's.
  • Using a VPN (sometimes).
  • Malicious behaviour around headers or JavaScript.
  • Being part of a global block list.
  • Being part of a global SPAM list.
  • Detected as being associated with a bot.
  • Trying to gain access to databases.
  • Attempting brute force in the store front or admin.
  • Attempting to upload malicious payloads on sanctioned areas, or, unsanctioned intrusion attempts.
  • Attempting to inject malicious content into text box's around the site.
  • Consistently failing background CAPTCHA & honey pots.
  • A country that The Patchbay is either banned from doing business with or, a country where massive attack swarms originate.

Sometimes innocent behaviour can fall through the cracks. In the past, the firewall has been so strict even innocent javascript we built for navigation can get caught up. We have identified almost every legitimate action possible. This also includes our internal creator page builder. In the likelyhood you were caught in this, simply respond to the contact form on the block page and we will cross check this and get in contact with you.





** The time is base on America/New_York timezone