How do I apply a coupon? 2 0

Last updated on 09-05-2022 18:21 in Customer Portal
Posted By Gary Falcon Lang

Store generated codes

We don't provide discount coupons to the public, there are many reasons, one being affiliate websites like to hijack them and redirect users here. 

But we DO send automated coupons to customers emails for various actions such as signing up or reviewing their purchases. These codes usually have a 1 time use / expiry date.

These codes can be placed in the pop-up cart or, in the checkout. Store codes cannot be stacked, adding another will replace the previous.

Creator generated codes

Creators have the ability to create & administrate their own codes, they can set their own rules on how the code behaves such as the number of uses, time-length & what pages they work on to name a few.

These codes can be placed in the same place, the pop-up cart & the checkout. Creator codes CAN be stacked when using other creator codes in the same order as they do not affect each other.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone